An Industry Insider on the Real State of Canadian Energy

May 16th 2022

Policy on the Frontier with Terry Etam - An Industry Insider on the Real State of Canadian Energy      Interview posted on May 10, 2022 by Frontier Centre For Public Policy     Interview video link      Affordable, dependable, reliable and secure energy has always, been foundational to Canada’s   ▸

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Terence Corcoran: Which Energy Assets Will Be Stranded?

May 11th 2022

Friends of Science Extract from May 11, 2022       Since 2015 Mark Carney, former central banker, has been warning of a stranded asset scenario for oil and gas stocks, telling banks to get out of oil and gas investments while promoting the Net-Zero Banking Alliance. However, Warren Buffet, apparently not a   ▸

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Australia - Crash Test Dummy of Renewable Energy

May 7th 2022

Friends of Science Society Press Release issued on May 5, 2022        “Australia - Crash Test Dummy of Renewable Energy” with Joanne Nova Free Online event for Friends of Science Society Australia’s ‘crash test dummy’ foray into renewables comes under fire in Friends of Science Society’s 19th Annual Climate Science   ▸

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With Respect, Please Consider

April 9th 2022

Dear Albertans:Do you really want to repeat the Alberta provincial vote of 2015?  Please consider.Our current financial and energy future hangs in the balance.  The future of our children and grandchildren has to be protected and secured.The federal Liberal and NDP coalition is relying on our anger to divide our   ▸

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