The Cost of Net Zero Electrification of the U.S.A.

September 30th 2022

By Ken Gregory, P. Eng., published August 23, 2022, by Friends of Science. Version 2 Executive Summary Many governments have made promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuels with solar and wind generated electricity and to electrify the economy. A report by Thomas Tanton estimates a capital cost of US$36.4 trillion for   ▸

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The German Logic of Haggling: Driving Slower to Heat Houses

September 29th 2022

Article by FOSADMIN, published August 13, 2022, by Friends of Science. Contributed by Samuel Furfari, republished with the author’s permission from a DeepL translation of the French original published in Atlantico. Please consult the original if you have questions on the text. Energy policy is a victim of ideological bargaining. Citizens risk   ▸

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