Electricity From the Sun: Reality Versus Fantasy

May 6th 2021

In a recent article in the Calgary Herald, journalist Licia Corbella was effusive in her praise of both solar energy and Alberta’s competitive electricity market. She quoted Robert Hornung, president, and CEO of the Canadian Renewable Energy Association, who also extolled the virtues of solar generation and the competitive market.   ▸

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Canada's New Emissions Pledge

May 4th 2021

In announcing Canada's new 40-45% pledge at the Biden Climate Summit, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada is "now on track to blow past our old target." "Only bold climate policies lead to bold results," he said, listing off some of the government's green-friendly policies such as investments in public   ▸

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Canada's "Made in China" Climate Policy

May 3rd 2021

Andrew Roman, a retired litigation lawyer with over 40 years of experience in human rights, constitutional, environmental, and energy issues, argues that the main beneficiary of Canada's climate policy is not the climate, but China. The faster Canada chases net-zero CO2 emissions the more it offshores its emissions, largely to   ▸

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