Reality Check on Canada's Sustainable Jobs Plan

March 13th 2023

Our Friends of Science Odysee and Youtube channels have 567 videos. From our main website, select Library >> Videos. I highlight our video titled “Reality Check on Canada's Sustainable Jobs Plan: They are Stealing Your Future”. The federal government issued the Sustainable Jobs Plan on Feb. 23, 2023, an iteration   ▸

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CO2 Removal–What’s Worth Doing?

March 9th 2023

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) has become a focal point for policymakers who are pursuing strategies for climate change mitigation. Two types of CDR methods are proposed and subsidized by many countries; mechanical capture and biological sequestration. This study compares methods on the basis of three criteria: effectiveness at net carbon   ▸

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Net Zero Policies

March 6th 2023

From Ken Gregory, P.Eng: I gave a Powerpoint presentation to the Canadian Society of Engineering Management (CSEM) in Calgary, Alberta on February 15, 2023 titled “Review of Net Zero Policies.” The following is a link to my slides in PDF format. View Slideshow[PDF] Some highlights are; • Global capital cost of Net Zero is   ▸

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