Magical Thinking – Why “Net Zero” Is Neither Possible nor Desirable

July 8th 2021

Blog originally posted on Friends of Science contributed by Robert Lyman © 2021.    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Several western governments have committed their countries to have “net zero” greenhouse gas emissions in future. In this note, I explain why achieving net zero for an entire economy would face insuperable technical and cost barriers and demand unacceptable   ▸

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OPEC+ urged to open oil taps to keep markets supplied

July 2nd 2021

DESPITE FEARS THAT GLOBAL OIL USE HAS PEAKED, DEMAND IS EXPECTED TO HIT PRE-PANDEMIC LEVELS NEXT YEAR — AND SURPASS PRE-COVID LEVELS BY THE END OF 2022.    Article by Grant Smith, National Post, on June 12, 2021.   Global oil demand will recover to pre-pandemic levels late next year, the International   ▸

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