Koonin Calls Out Carney on Climate in "Unsettled"

November 19th 2021

Koonin Calls Out Carney on Climate in "Unsettled" - GFANZ Trillions for NetZero Questioned as Greenwashing says Friends of Science Society Press Release from Friends of Science Society on November 6, 2021     Former Obama administration science advisor Steve Koonin calls out Mark Carney's catastrophic climate claims in his new book "Unsettled", says   ▸

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Joe Oliver: How much green pain will Canadians tolerate?

November 18th 2021

Article by Joe Oliver published by the Financial Post on November 16, 2021.     Canada can indulge in costly virtue-signalling and moral gestures — up to a point. But it cannot afford to live beyond its means indefinitely  COP26, supposedly humanity’s “last best chance,” struggled to yield even faint hope of keeping temperatures   ▸

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Foreign Influence in Canadian Economy?

November 3rd 2021

Article by Alexandre Massaux published by Frontier Centre of Public Policy on October 27, 2021     Foreign influence or interference has become a mediatic topic. The fear and suspicion of interference in the elections and democratic process have been in news headlines. For the western countries, the suspicion bears on Russia   ▸

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