Why the UK's Net Zero Won't Happen

May 19th 2021

In a 10-minute video interview, the Global Warming Policy Forum's Benny Peiser discusses the UK government's plan to install 600,000 heat pumps every year replacing gas boilers in homes, in order to decarbonize home heating. As well homeowners will be expected to turn thermostats down by 10°C. Dr. Peiser explained   ▸

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Japan Joins the Lemmings

May 18th 2021

Japan has just raised its 2030 emissions reduction target from 26% to 46% below 2013 levels. When the country's environment minister was asked how the new figure was arrived at, he said the number 46 appeared to him as a "silhouette" in a sort of vision. Willie Eschenbach uses this   ▸

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