Opinion: Feds' new loans for First Nations businesses shouldn't exclude oil and gas projects

December 6th 2023

At the National Coalition of Chiefs (NCC) we have developed several national First Nation employment and training programs, including our flagship, the NCC National First Nations Electrician Apprenticeship program, which operates in partnership with the Aboriginal Skilled Workers Association (ASWA). We’re also working with First Nation communities and industry to   ▸

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The “Just Transition” Soviet style plans for Canada’s oilpatch

December 5th 2023

The “Just Transition” legislation currently before the House of Commons Natural Resources Committee mentions unions a fair bit. It also mentions what are effectively five-year plans, which was a common practice for moulding the economies of the Soviet Union and China, during their darkest years. However, outside of big-inch pipeline construction,   ▸

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Trudeau's Climate Obsession Runs into Reality

December 4th 2023

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's climate project is staggering from a trifecta of reality checks: missed emission targets, public blowback against the carbon tax, and at long last, growing realization that nothing Canada does will change global temperatures. Earlier this month the federal environment and sustainability commissioner issued a report   ▸

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UK Softens Stance on Fossil Fuels ahead of COP28 Summit

December 1st 2023

The UK's Energy and Climate Minister, Graham Stuart, told MPs on November 8 that he was not fixated on whether countries agree to “phasing down" or "phasing out" fossil fuels so long as the COP agreement “translates into real action.” This marks a significant change in direction for the UK   ▸

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