Canadians Celebrated Tax Freedom Day on May 24, 2021

June 11th 2021

Published by The Fraser Institute on May 21, 2021.    In 2021, the average Canadian family will earn $124,659 in income and pay an estimated $48,757 in total taxes (39.1%). If the average Canadian family had to pay its taxes up front, it would have worked until May 23 to pay the total tax   ▸

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The Carbon Race to the Bottom for Subsidies

June 5th 2021

Across Canada and around the world, rent-seekers — oil companies, car makers, battery companies, solar power firms, mining companies, banks and finance houses — are scrambling to get their share of the global carbon-reduction subsidy bonanza. Carbon capture, utilization and storage is a current favorite among the corporate/activist power group.   ▸

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EXXON Mobil – An Exaggerated Win for The Greens

June 3rd 2021

Blog originally posted on Friends of Science contributed by Robert Lyman © 2021.   At the recent annual meeting of EXXON Mobil shareholders, there was a proxy battle that paved the way for the election of new board members. According to the preliminary results, eight of the existing members were re-elected. Engine No. 1, an   ▸

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