Climate Conversation

It's time to ask questions.  It's time for a responsible climate conversation.

Over the years and after numerous climate discussions with countless numbers of people, there is an inherent disconnect between the notion of climate change. They range from the deniers to the alarmists or extremists.

Climate change is part of evolution and we as humans along with nature contribute to this evolution.

During more in-depth discussions, the majority of Albertans express a lack of understanding of climate alarmism in Alberta meanwhile observing contradictory standards in other parts of Canada and the world. With so much media coverage on what alarmists profess to be factual and extremists protesting on questionable pretenses, it becomes easy to overlook our actual climate reality.

In Alberta, we are a peaceful people.  The goal of most is to raise a family and provide a brighter future for our children than what most of us have endured.  Albertans are known to be generous, helpful, and friendly.  We prefer not to incite or bring issues home to our families, friends, and careers.  Hence when Alberta is constantly attacked on the economic and climate forefront, many of us choose to voice our concerns in the most peaceful way possible.

Our responsibility as Grassroots Albertans is to provide factual proven information to understand what drives the climate alarmist attitude, demeanor, and representation. The climate alarmist methods at times can be best described as a form of bullying. Through the use of foreign-funded organizations and interest groups, bullying in the form of fear is instilled through extensive media coverage alongside suppressing any questioning or even a productive rebuttal discussion.  By using this presentation method, the climate alarmists exploit our values of avoiding public confrontation.  To this day, such climate change threats and fear continue to point the future of Alberta's prosperity to the uncertain territory. Meanwhile these same organizations and interest groups are profiting at our expense.

Our task is:

“Knowledge is power.”