What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Texas Blackouts

February 18th 2021

By Leonard Hyman & William Tilles - Feb 16, 2021, 1:00 PM CST -  Unprecedented winter storms hit Texas. The electricity grid cannot deal with excess of demand over supply. Prices soar. Rolling blackouts. Expect more says the grid operator. What the stories do not say is that Texas, long ago,   ▸

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Road to EU Climate Neutrality by 2050

February 16th 2021

A collaborative report instigated by two members of the EU Parliament, one from the Netherlands and the other from the Czech Republic, provides a critical reality check on the rush to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar. The subtitle to the report is: Spatial Requirements of Wind/Solar and Nuclear   ▸

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Climate Model Fails Test Simulating the Last Glacial Maximum

February 15th 2021

Climate modelers have increased the equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) of their models for the IPCC next report. Eight models report ECS greater than 5 °C. In contrast, the ECS estimated by using the measured temperature record, when accounting for the natural and urban warming, indicates an ECS of about 1.0   ▸

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