President of European Central Bank Says the Entire Economy and Financial System Requires Overhauling

June 21st 2024
Christine Lagarde, former Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and currently President of the European Central Bank, warns us in a 1:01 video: “Floods, droughts and wildfires last year were just a preview of what is to come. A hotter climate and nature loss are changing our economy and our financial system.” With its new climate and nature plan the ECB will focus on three things, all of which result in impoverishment:
  • The green transition.
  • The growing physical impact of climate change.
  • The risks from nature loss and degradation.

The ECB will also work to reduce its own carbon footprint in everything it does, from banknotes to how it supervises banks. Reducing the carbon footprint of banknotes would mean replacing them with a central bank digital currency (CBDC). As this video (Why are CBDCs so dangerous) explains, while a CBDC allows central banks to create and destroy money as they can now, implementing a CBDC cuts out retail banks between customers and central banks by requiring every individual and business in a country to have an account with the central bank. In effect this results in nationalization of a country’s entire banking system and gives central banks to power to monitor and control every single purchase and transfer of money — a recipe for tyranny. For example, accounts could be blocked to restrict gasoline purchases. People attending protests that the government doesn’t approve of, could find their accounts frozen, which is what happened in February 2022 when Justin Trudeau’s government declared an emergency and shut down the accounts of thousands from truckers and protesters opposing Canada’s lockdowns.

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