December 12th 2020

No coal! No Oil! No Gas! No Pipelines!
Is resulting in no investment in Alberta!
Alberta is being crippled financially!

Take a look around the effects of no investment are visible everywhere you look.

Why can we not have a responsible climate conversation?  We are now in a time of conflict; a conflict that could threaten the future welfare of our children.  Our children right now have no way of being aware of the future.  But we in this time do.  Our priority is to protect our children; from this path, the United Nations and governments and activists, are forcing upon us.

Our future is being legislated without consultation.  As a citizen I believe that we have the democratic right to question the very reasoning for this path by legislation of our peers.


It is my expectation, this question will trigger a thoughtful discussion between Albertan's. Albertan's who are now and those who will be effected by this Climate Movement Agenda.
The media is not giving all the factual information.  Even the ATA, the teachers of our children, the educators of our future, are not teaching the factual information; required to make a responsible decision of our future and the future of this province.
A legitimate, and factual discussion, must be initiated by us the citizens.  All of you, my Albertan neighbours who have taken the time, to visit our site.  Please initiate a discussion with your neighbours to spread factual information.  In the direction of an answer to our question.

After numerous climate discussions with people I am realizing they are having a shift of thoughts.  The majority of people I've talked with, have concerns that Climate CO2 alarmism is an untruth.  Their concerns illustrate apprehension of the climate alarmist threats.
During more in depth discussions the majority express a lack of understanding of why this is being forced upon them, they also can not equate the alarmist goal with Alberta's current economic situation.

The conversational responses express a perspective of helplessness to react or even attempt a rebuttal factual climate conversation.
There is concerning physiological disconnect between alarmist threats and the effectiveness of logical, substantiated scientific facts to contradict the opinions of the alarmist.  People express a loss of ability to rebut what alarmists profess as factual.  People indicate personal isolation an fear to be the reason for response restraint.

Our responsibility as Grassroots Albertan's is to provide factual proven information, to mould an understanding of what drives the climate alarmist attitude, and their forceful presentation.  The climate alarmist's methods are best described as bullying.  Their bullying is employed to suppress any questioning or even a productive rebuttal discussion.  By using this presentation method, the climate fear alarmists realize our fear of public confrontation and therefore they will exert an overwhelming string of verbal threats towards anyone that does not share their desired belief.  Our task is to become informed.  Understand and relate correct factual information.  Learning to remain calm, to not be angry and learning not to feel threatened.  We must become secure and confident that our knowledge is based in fact.  Remember; "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER."  But to use this power we must first understand our knowledge.

Secondly, we must suppress our emotions and fears and remain calm.

Thirdly, we must employ our responses to exhibit our freedoms and rights to question the climate alarmist.

Our task is not to change the thoughts of the climate alarmist but rather educate Grassroots Albertan's.

For we have realized that for a majority of climate fear alarmists; this is  their religion, and this is their goal.  So, our task is to illustrate; by example, the need to question the alarmist's gospel.  In doing this; the silent watching majority may decide to follow our example and feel comfortable enough to join in the discussion.  All citizens have the right and freedoms under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms which was secured for us by our forefathers to question and perceived threats to our society.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Legal rights states;
(7) Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

The Charter ensures that all citizens have the rights and duties to employ and protect these given democratic rights being mindful of the preservation of property rights which are the basis of a free and democratic society.

Our Alberta and Canada are still the desired destinations for people from around the world; and needs our help now.
Please consider these thoughts.  Search for information.
Please become informed.  And then form your own opinion.
For the future of our children has to be our primary goal.

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