Germany Weighs Electricity Rationing Scheme to Stabilize its Grid

January 30th 2021

Germany Weighs Electricity Rationing Scheme to Stabilize its GridBeforethe days of climate alarmism and hysteria,the job of deciding how to best produce electricity was left to powergeneration engineers and experts – people who actually understood it. So,Germany had one of the most stable and reliable power grids. Then, in the1990s,   ▸

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How Biden’s Return to The Paris Climate Accord Benefits Beijing

January 28th 2021

On his first day in office, US President Joe Biden signed orders to rejoin the Paris climate agreement; revoke the cross-border Keystone XL pipeline permit; direct agencies to consider tightening greenhouse gas emissions standards on vehicles and appliances; and reestablish the Interagency Working Group on the Social Cost of Greenhouse   ▸

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Who is Listening?

January 26th 2021

To the Words of a Blue Collar Worker.Who is listening to our questions?  Who will understand the reason for our questions?  Who will enact our wishes?  Who will listen?These questions and more are said to me daily.People say “Who in our elected governments would actually tell the truth”. “Who would   ▸

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December 12th 2020

No coal! No Oil! No Gas! No Pipelines!Is resulting in no investment in Alberta!Alberta is being crippled financially!Take a look around the effects of no investment are visible everywhere you look.Why can we not have a responsible climate conversation?  We are now in a time of conflict; a conflict that   ▸

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